Is Your Teen Ready To Drive? Three Areas To Discover

When it comes to teenagers and driving, age is only one factor. Just because a child has reached the legal age to obtain their permit or driver's license doesn't exactly mean they are ready to get behind the wheel. Before you take the plunge and let your child drive, discover some ques that can help you determine if your child is actually ready. Academic Success Your child doesn't have to be a straight-A student, but he or she should at least be achieving an appropriate level of academic success. Read More 

Noticed Some Thinning? 4 Reasons To Avoid Driving On Bald Tires

If you've got bald tires, you need to replace them as soon as possible. You may think that they're safe as long as you can't see the steel belts, but that's not actually the case. In fact, the minute your tires start to go bald, they begin to pose a risk for you, your passengers, and other drivers around you. Here are just of the risks you face if you don't get your car tires replaced at the first hint of a balding pattern. Read More